Family Climbing Session – 21st August 2020

What a fantastic half day climbing outdoors had by our nothing stops us family today.  The weather did it’s best to put us off with big winds and heavy rain.  However  after meeting at Meadow Falls Camp site where they were staying and agreeing a slight change to the venue off we went all smiles and positive attitude.

The weather even improved and it stopped raining for some of the time!   After getting kitted up with helmets, harness, and climbing shoes and talking over the safety elements of the day  the climbs were set up and got progressively longer.  Some lovely footwork, power moves and grace showed some excellent technique.  Bringing their indoor climbing skill learnt when climbing at Craggy Island Guildford .

After three climbs getting progressively bigger and more challenging, there was a cut the rope demo which went down well and then a bit of a scramble up to the upper section for the final big climb and “topping out”.

Zoe went first and lead the way showing some great climbing skills.  Here she is just before topping out.


Then it was Sue’s turn.  She found part of the skill of climbing outdoors is finding and then managing the loose ones ! Well done Sue for managing the big rock that was loose and leaving it for Paul to deal with safely.

Finally it was Paul’s turn and did a reasonably difficult climb in his boots!

After ensuring the loose rock was dealt with safely continued to the top to join Sue and Zoe.

What an amazing achievement by such a lovely family on a warm but quite wild and wet climbing and abseiling session at our lovely Yorkshire limestone crag.  Thank you for making it such a bright and cheerful day, even if the weather wanted it to be wet and wild.

We finished, slightly tired, a bit damp but very content. We managed to squeeze in 4 climbs each into this half day session. Well done everyone.
We hope you enjoyed the Yorkshire Dales and the climbing fun too.