Navigation with a Map & Compass. Four guys from Birmingham. A glorious day, top company and a tad Windy. These four guys from Birmingham wanted to sharpen their navigation skills whilst out on the fells. Safe Journeys guys.

Walking from Kirksteads HQ to the flanks of Ingleborough Lockdown Walking from home. Genuinely privileged to live in the Yorkshire Dales. Walking out from Ingleton to the base of Ingleborough. Some of the wonderful sights on lesser trodden routes.     All our routes will become live in the routes section in the coming weeks.

Adventure Activities License Authority Approval From March 2020, SAAIGOutdoors gained its AALA license to provide adventure activities as part of the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority. As a small family run outdoors adventures activities Company, we love to be in the outdoors, outside, bringing Inspiration and adventures to our all. Does this change SAAIGOutdoors, not in