Christmas Eve Family abseiling and climbing half day with Adam, Chiari, Camilla & Massi – 24th Dec 2019

Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas Eve, more liquid snow (rain to the rest of us) is falling than sense, if only it was a few degrees cooler, it would be snow.
Adam & Chiari had got in touch for a last minute bit of adventurous Christmas holiday fun.
Having travelled up from Putney, London for a weeks holiday over Christmas it, it was great that they chose us to provide them with a half day of adventure and excitement.

Camilla and Massi, their adventurous 10 and 7 year old kitted up, once we had all agreed, “lets do it” from within the warmth of Inglesport Café.

With the weather looking decidedly damp outside, we stayed close by. Into Storrs Common disused quarry.


Massi helped me setup an abseil, much to the amusement of the others. But all was good and Massi anchored himself well for safety.
A few nervous takers and some not so nervous takers for the abseiling. Dad (Adam) seemed to be quite a dab hand at this already.

Massi had his first attempt and bravely took to the edge. Not this time he said. I’ll come back a bit later.
Camilla and Chiari both did themselves proud. By now the limestone was very slippy and more resembled a waterfall, than a rockface.

Up stepped Massi. Dad took to the safety, looking slightly nervous, as Massi and I abseiled down, side by side. Well done Massi, huge respect to this power packed kid. He did it.

Next up, some climbing, boots and big holds. Water was everywhere. but spirits were high.
A few climbs later, nudged first by the lake we appeared to be standing in, then by Chiari, we packed up and went back to Inglesport for some well deserved dry time.

We hoped you enjoyed your time back in Ingleton, we had a blast and the kit has finally dried.

Merry Christmas.