Family Climbing session – 27th Aug 2020

Lovely family day climbing on Yorkshire Limestone on a warm sunny day.  Brilliant first climbs outdoors by our youngest of the group six year old Evie who once she had conquered her first climb was unstoppable!

She wasn’t the only one showing some super climbing skills as her big sister Didi wasn’t to be outdone and showed some excellent natural skill, great strength and balance taking the harder line on all the routes offered.


Ellis and his younger brother James had to work hard to keep ahead of their cousins and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of belaying and tying knots as well good footwork.


Mum and Dad both managed to impress the kids by managing to climb the routes too and Mum did especially well conquering her fear of heights and doing an excellent job of the abseil.  Next time there will be photographic evidence!



A fabulous day with a wonderful family.  Well done.



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