Indoor Climbing with the Humphreys – 19th Feb 2020

Wet half term. Visitors, kids and storms in the Dales and most of the UK.  What shall we do!!!

Indoor climbing with SAAIGOutdoors. Jason, visiting sister Beccy for a few days over half term, with Zack and Suki.

Loaded with enthusiasm, energy and ideas, we kitted up and headed for some rope climbing inside.

With the weather looking decidedly damp/flooded outside, indoor climbing was going to be a welcome break from the rain.
Zack initially full of beans and optimism, had a little wobble of confidence and the height of his climbing reduced.
Enter a bit of subtle and positive coaching, next thing we all knew, especially Belaying Beccy, was that Zack had climbed to the top of four successive routes. Well done Zack.
Meanwhile, Dad, was busy on a 6B in approach shoes and i’m starting to think we are in for a tough few hours of climbing, well done Dad.
Suki, keeping it cool and collected, calmly goes about the session, climbing with grace and a certain confidence.
Beccy is determined to complete the overhanging 5+, well done. Treat yourself to a well earnt massage now! (well done for avoiding the photos too!)

Ending the rope session on a nice overhanging 5+, a quick demo of lead climbing and finally, with some tired limbs, a little blast on the bouldering. Good techniques and some good problems solved.

Well done Jason, Zack, Suki and Beccy. I thoroughly enjoyed our time at the wall.

Happy holidays, finished off with Hot Chocolate all round.