Navigation for Novices – Half Day – 11th Nov 2019

Navigation for Novices, a half day.
Emma and Laura joined us for a half day Navigation practice.
A chilly start to the day and ended up getting wet, but the journey and learnings were great.

Orienting or setting the Map. Relating the map to the area around.
Compass familiarity, map scales, relocating.
Pacing, catching features, contours and handrails.
Distance, Direction and Duration.

Lots covered in this 3-4hour session. Not least of all, a frank discussion about technology and its “use” on the hill.
What3words, not on this site.
Technology is a great secondary tool to have, to support great understanding and use of a Map and Compass.



Well done to all. Hope you enjoyed it and come back for a more advanced Navigation session or join us on one of our NNAS sessions.
We hope you enjoyed the Yorkshire Dales.