OGUG Taster Climbing and Abseiling Session – 5th August 2020

A fantastic half day of climbing and abseiling outdoors for our intrepid families today. The weather tried to dampen the day but relented due to the beaming smiles and positive attitude of our wonderful clients and it even stopped raining.  We met up at the parking for Twistleton Crag, thanks to Rushtons (Ingleton), just below the beautiful Twistleton Scar.  After getting kitted up with helmets, harness, and climbing shoes and talking over the safety elements of the day we headed off to the crag in the clouds to meet Craig who has gone ahead to set up the anchors.

All 10 of us, Pete, Laura, Fran, with Manfredi and the lovely pooch coming to watch, plus Duncan, John, Harriet and Oliver.

Pete Laura and Fran opted to Abseil first and went off with Craig to the top while Duncan, John Harriet and Oliver headed along the bottom of the crag to the bottom of the climbing route.  With the limestone so wet this was going to be a challenge, so who would go first??? After some horse trading and a closely fought battle, “Grandad” John got to go first.  An excellent assent showed the way and his triumph was matched by the lovely Harriet.

Being a little smaller, as she was almost 10, she found some different foot placements and handholds and after realising the art of climbing was delicate foot placement made some excellent moves.  Next up was Oliver.

Well all I can say is what a star!  After declaring he probably wouldn’t make it to the top as he was a bit small at 5 he took his time found his route, made a couple of serious power moves and a few mantles and declared “where do I go from here”?  Coming down I’m afraid as your at the top! was my reply.



Finally it was Dad’s turn.  A skilful climb made light work of that one ( Craig would make the next one a bit more of a challenge for Duncan) however a small – mistake – on the decent had Oliver in stiches and it was time for a quick lunch break before swapping to the abseil, however Oliver did manage to squeeze in another assent of the climb as he felt he could do a quicker job of it now he’d worked it out.



After a swap over of activities, next on the climbing was Fran.

Having gone first on the Abseil, bossed it and wanting another go, demonstrated delicate foot placement and good strength to cope with the wet limestone and got to the top with some lovely moves. Fran then went on to do another abseil as she so enjoyed the first.  Following her on the climbing was Laura, who after conquering the Abseil, on super slippy limestone, managed to summon inner strength to conquer the climbing too.





Pete had waited and watched his two intrepid charges manage to do both the climbing and abseil was last to climb but was by no means least.  He managed the climbing with strength, determination and some good handholds, so I suggested he try the alternative route.  After a good crack at it we decided on a dryer day he’d have had it in the bag.

As Oliver decided climbing up was better than walking down a rock he gave the abseil a miss so Dad Duncan went first on the decent, a smooth decent was made which was copied by the graceful Harriet followed by the ever game Grandad John.  As we had a little time left a more challenging climb was offered.  Harriet showed real courage, strength an skill to get to the top and showed Grandad and Dad how to do it.  After a little rest Oliver decided he could give it a go and got a good 5 mtrs higher than the first climb with just a little assistance from Craig.


What an amazing achievement by both families on a warm but quite wet climbing and abseiling session at our lovely limestone crag Twistleton.  Thank you for making it such a bright and cheerful day, even if the weather wanted it to be wet and wild.

We finished, slightly tired, a bit damp but very content. We managed to squeeze in at least 3 activities each into this half day session. Well done everyone.
We hope you enjoyed the Yorkshire Dales and the climbing abseiling fun too.