Sport Climbing in the Peaks – Liz on the Lead – 31st May 2019

Sport Climbing in the peak district. Steeped in history, folklore and tales of endeavour. But what about if you are climbing nowadays, where would you go for your first lead or first climb. Horseshoe Quarry on a week day, quiet, secluded, loads of routes, varying in grade and length. Everything from 7metre tasters to 32m epics. Plus everything inbetween,

A lovely, warm and some sunny spells met myself, Liz and Keith. We met up in Insomnia, great coffee and cake and within 2 miles of the quarry. A great start point, let alone, full of very friendly staff. We talked about planning a day, equipment, challenges and the aims for the day. Setting up some basic measures to help us figure out if today was a success.

Leading 3’s & 4’s and 5’s to begin, Liz is taking this all in her stride. Working out strategies for the top, lowering off, different styles of bolts and lower offs. Liz is doing great.

Clipsticks, quickdraws, tat and rope technology. Tick.
Gizmos’s, Gizmo’s. The new name for safety lanyards. Liz is going to make her own, watch this site for instructions.
Liz then wants a challenge, so a shorter 6a lead is chosen, after a discussion on risk, use of clipsticks and belayer awareness.
She’s nailed it, see pic above (bit dark!)
Then as part of the warm down, a longer 4+ lead and a bit of fun on a top rope of a 6b+

A fantastic days climbing, thanks to Liz and her very patient belayer. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.