Got the hang of Bottom roping in the climbing wall, time for a challenge. Take on Lead Climbing.
Learn how to lead climb safely in 3 sessions. you will be taught how to :

Lead belay
Clip safely and efficiently
Place quickdraws and use insitu quickdraws
spot when your climber hasn’t clipped correctly.
manage problems arising from lead climbing
climb as a ‘second’ climber on a route.
gain more climbing techniques from our instructors.
manage your mental state

Contact us to agree a suitable set of dates and times.

LOCATION Inglesport Climbing Wall or any other climbing wall.
DURATION 3 * 2hrs sessions
COURSE CONTENT Session 1 – The basics, equipment, safety, lead belaying and your first lead climb
Session 2 – More leads, hazards, technique and resolving Issues
Session 3 – More leads, improving technique
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KIT LIST TYPE Climbing Kit List – Download PDF
Personal Climbing Equipment (Harness, Shoes, belay device
A Drink
WHAT WE PROVIDE Instructor and a safe environment
We can hire you any equipment you may need.
Personal Climbing Equipment
Lunch and Evening Meals
PRE REQUISITES A General level of fitness
Ability to climb grade 5 indoors ideally.
Have been climbing indoors for a reasonable amount of time.




Session 1

Learn the basics of lead climbing, practice clipping, understand lead belaying techniques and other safety items.
You will lead climb, with the safety of a bottom rope initially.

Session 2

More lead climbing.
Your first lead climbing fall. Holding a lead falling.
Safety and consolidation.
Mental training

Session 3

You will be informally assessed on your technique, showing you are able to lead climb, lead belay and safely use the climbing wall in the process. You will not be assessed on your climbing technique as such.