Wheatsheaf (country village inns) teambuilding management day – 27th-Nov-2019

The management team from Country Village Inns got in touch for a teambuilding and challenge day.
A bit of discussion, some smoke & mirrors, no caving, some blindfolds, ropes and metalwork.
It was going to be a good day, especially as we started with coffee and amazing bacon rolls at the Wheatsheaf

Starting the adventure with a race to collect helmets and kudos, we dished out the blindfolds and got the two teams to guide the “blind” to the treasure of a helmet and other safety gear.

Each team was tasked with setting up an abseil for each other and more importantly working as a team, and controlling the safety of each abseil.
Being responsible for the safety of your work colleagues, whilst they abseil down a vertical rock face is quite nerve racking. The teams all took in in their stride.
Some folk had big “fears” to overcome. Bizarrely some preferred abseiling to climbing!!!

Blind climbing was next. Blindfolded members of the team, tied on and were communicated with via the “eyes” of the team. Whilst other team members had what seemed the easier task of belaying or “tailing” the belayer.
everyone agreed, climbing without the blindfold was a lot simpler, however blindfolded climbing was made easier with clear lines of communication. (all good a well, if the climber actually listens!!!)



Well done everyone, a thoroughly enjoyable few hours, spent outside, doing something a little bit different.
Thank you for letting us host you.